3 Phase Electricity Connection

At GEC, we provide 3 phase electrical supplies for a wide range of businesses that run machinery with a large electricity requirement.

If you run a small business with low electricity requirements, a single-phase meter will be perfectly adequate for your operations.

If you’re unsure on which electrical supply you require, just give us a call on 0330 013 0419 and we can discuss your requirements to determine if 3 phase is right for you.

What is a 3 phase electricity connection?

Put simply, a single-phase connection has one live wire whereas a 3 phase connection has three. Both connections will most likely have a neutral wire and an earth wire too. A 3 phase supply is more continual and reliable and therefore better suited to accommodate higher loads; hence why they’re commonly used in businesses with high energy requirements.

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Converting to 3 phase electricity

The most standard electricity connection is a single-phase, which as its name suggests, is just one single wire. However, if you need to increase your standard electricity supply, we can convert it to a three-phase supply without having to remove the existing infrastructure, keeping any disruption to a minimum.

Popular reasons for converting your electric supply:

How do I know if I am currently running a 3 phase electricity supply?

The best way to determine what type of electricity connection you have is to look at the fuses. A single-phase supply will have one fuse, whereas a 3-phase supply will have three 100amp fuses. If you’re still unsure, give us a call today and we can determine what time of connection your property has.

Can I get a three-phase electricity supply at home?

If you need more power, we can upgrade your single-phase electricity to a three-phase supply. Technology is much more readily available now, allowing a 3 phase connection to be used in many homes. Please note, it’s best to check which supply is the most cost-effective for your operations.

Will I need to change my electric meter?

If you’re currently using a single-phase electric connection and wish to convert to a three-phase, your electric meter will need upgrading to house all three cables, rather than just one.

Is 3 phase cheaper than single-phase?

The wiring used to deliver a 3 phase connection is generally cheaper than the standard single-phase, as well as there being fewer components needed to deliver the electricity. This electricity connection is the ideal choice for industrial properties such as data centres, as their electric requirements are higher than other business types.