Gas Services

Gas Services – Available to Businesses and Homes

At GEC, we understand the complex demands of arranging gas services.

Whatever the size of your development, GEC can shoulder the burden of implementing the necessary work to get the job done, within a timeframe that suits you.

GEC are a one stop solution for all of your gas service needs, ranging from a brand new gas connection to removing a gas meter, we can do it all. We will manage your project end to end with one point of contact through the entire process.

What can you expect with GEC?

For all your gas service needs contact our friendly team today on 0161 762 7716 or fill out the quote form above.

Gas Services

New Gas Connections

Getting you connected to the utilities network is the most obvious stage in powering your property, but it’s also the most critical. Here at GEC, we have the knowledge and in-depth experience to get you up and running in no time. Find out more

Gas Disconnections

Whatever your reasons for requiring an gas disconnection, GEC are the no.1 choice to get the job done safely and efficiently. Whether you’re currently working on a large-scale project, such as a commercial development or you’re getting ready to move into your new home, we will coordinate the whole process, whilst also ensuring its kept within a budget and timeframe that suits you. Find out more

Gas Meter Installation

Whatever your reasons for requiring a gas meter installation service, GEC are the no.1 choice to get the job done safely and efficiently. We pride ourselves on offering businesses and homeowners across the UK a comprehensive, hassle-free service to cater for all of your meter requirements. Find out more

Gas Meter Disconnection & Removal

GEC can efficiently and economically remove any gas meters, whether a new gas meter has been installed on the premises or a building is scheduled to be demolished. Find out more

Gas Meter Relocation

We know all too well the problems caused when a gas meter is in the way or not in an ideal location. To get this work done requires a licensed gas supplier as it’s actually against the law to do so yourself. Find out more

Gas Services