Gas Connection Services – Available to both Businesses and Homes

At GEC, we understand the complex demands of arranging new gas connections.

Whatever the size of your development, we can shoulder the burden of implementing the necessary infrastructure to get your building connected within a timeframe that suits you.

From contacting all the relevant authorities to securing the most capable technicians to carry out the work, we offer a flexible, one-stop solution to all of your gas connection needs.

If you’re ready to get connected, contact our friendly team today on 0161 762 7716 or fill out the quote form above.

Our services include:

• New gas meter installation
• Disconnect existing gas services and mains
• Disconnect and remove gas meters
• Relocate or alter existing gas services and gas meters
• Energy supply agreements
• Divert any existing service or mains
• Reinforcement of the gas network
• Installation and build large bespoke gas rigs and meters
• New large diameter gas connections
• Gas supply contracts
• New mains gas line installations