Electricity Connection Services – Available to both Businesses and Homes

At GEC, it’s our job to take away the hassle that arises when making changes to the electricity connections of your home or business.

Whatever the demands of your development, our comprehensive service can manage your electricity supply needs from start to finish without stress or high cost implications.

Where necessary, we’ll contact any official governing bodies on your behalf to ensure your work is fully accredited and completed to the highest quality standard possible.

If you’re ready to get connected, contact our friendly team today on 0161 762 7716 or fill out the quote form above.

Our services include:

• New electricity service and mains connections
• New electricity meter installation
• Temporary builders electricity supply
• Disconnect existing electricity services and mains
• Disconnect and remove electricity meters
• Relocate or alter existing electricity services and electricity meters
• Divert any existing service or mains
• Reinforcement of the electricity network
• Installation of substations
• Removal or relocation of an existing substation
• Electricity supply contracts