Utility Services

At GEC, we make it simple to get commercial and domestic buildings connected in a seamless and timely fashion. With a focus on offering a flexible, secure service from start-to-end, we provide a comprehensive, multi-utility solution to suit the demands of your project within its suited timeframe.


Alter Your Utility Supply

If your property has an existing electricity or gas supply that no longer suits your requirements, you may need to alter your current infrastructure to handle the extra utility supply or to decrease the current supply.

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Temporary Builders Supply

Whether you need to power basic lighting, tools, onsite accommodation, offices or generators, having quick access to electricity or water is key in the smooth running of your project.

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Site Investigations

We carry out site investigations to check for any hazards on your site, ensuring that all work is carried out professionally and safely.

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Meter Kiosks & Housings

Whether you need a complex turbine gas meter installed across all pressure tiers or a simple diaphragm model, GEC can guide you through every step of the process.

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